"Peter: A Story of Redemption"
This summer and fall we will continue exploring the life of the Apostle Simon
Peter and what his story tells us about how God work in our lives.

August 5 – Celebration of Holy Communion
Ruth 1: 16-17; John 6: 51-69
―The Crisis of Choice‖
Every choice has an ―opportunity cost;‖ who or what will we choose to follow?

August 12
Isaiah 6: 1-8; Luke 5: 1-11
―Shifting Priorities‖
Sometimes God just blows us away! Suddenly our priorities change. What priorities is Christ calling me to?

August 19 – Blessing of Sports Equipment
Exodus 3: 1-6; Mark 9: 2-8
―Mountain View Condos‖
Sometimes we want to tie Jesus down but he calls to keep moving with him

August 26
James 5: 15-18; Mark 11: 12-14, 20-25
―The Work of Faith‖
Jesus calls us to faithfulness in prayer and forgiveness
September 2 – Labor Sunday; Celebration of Holy Communion; Blessing of Backpacks
Colossians 3: 12-17; Luke 22: 7-14, 24-27
―Serve or Bicker?‖
We are called to service in Christ’s name

September 9 – Christian Education Sunday
John 13: 1-15
―Holiness of Humility‖
Jesus shows us how to serve

September 16
Romans 13: 11-14; Mark 14: 32-42
―Wake Up!‖
Christ calls us to stay spiritually alert

September 23
Isaiah 9: 2-7; John 18: 1-11
―Man of Action, Prince of Peace‖
Measure our actions against Jesus’ will

September 30
Matthew 26: 30-35, 57-58, 69-75
―When the Rooster Crows‖
We deny Christ every day; but that is not the end of the story; God continues to reach out to us