Summer Sermon Series 2018


“Peter: A Story of Redemption”

This summer we will explore the life of the Apostle Simon Peter and what his story tells us about how God works in our lives.


June 17 – Father’s Day

John 1:40-42, Matthew 4:18-22

“Claimed and Named”

Jesus sees in us what we often don’t and calls us before we qualify.


June 24 – Dedication of Summer Mission Team

Mark 1: 35-39

“Seeking Jesus”

Where is Jesus? Peter show us how to find Jesus prayer and service.


July 1 – Independence Sunday

Matthew 14: 22-33

“To Be a Water Walker”

Yes, he sank but at least he got out of the boat!


July 8

Matthew 16: 13-26

“Rocks, Keys and Secrets”

Who is Jesus? And what does that mean for our lives?


July 15

Matthewe 17: 24-27

“God and Government”

Peter shows us where our real allegiance should lie.


July 22

Psalm 103: 1-19; Matthew 18: 15-35

“Forgiveness is Not a Numbers Game”

Peter shows us how infinitely we are called to forgive…and are forgiven


July 29

Mark 10: 17-31

“Whining or Witness?”

Jesus shows us true sacrifice and reward.