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RESOLUTION – Acts of Hatred, Violence and Intolerance
WHEREAS, recent tragic and violent events across our nation prove that bigotry and
intolerance are real threats to social, racial and religious freedoms and the safety of our
citizens; and
WHEREAS, current events have unveiled an unacceptable resurgence in activists
promoting intimidation and violent repression of individuals solely on the basis of their
race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, immigration status, and social beliefs; and
WHEREAS, today, white nationalism has attempted to reinvent itself, self-identifying as
the “Alt-Right”, yet their present day rhetoric and actions conjure painful memories of
our nation’s past, and political extremists demonstrate their intolerance of the beliefs of
others through violence and intimidation; and
WHEREAS, while free speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, promoting the
accomplishment of agendas through violence, intimidation, and the repression of the civil
rights is in irreconcilable conflict with our nation’s foundational principles of liberty and
justice for all; and
WHEREAS, a resurgence in racial, religious and social intolerance has led to senseless
acts of violence that threaten to reverse improvements in race relations, foment hatred,
encourage ethnic eradication, terrorize ethnic and religious minority communities, and
threaten the safety of us all; therefore, be it
RESOLVED, that we strongly denounce and oppose the manifest intimidation, violent
terrorism, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies being promoted and executed by
multiple groups across this country; and be it further
RESOLVED, that we urge law enforcement, where appropriate, to recognize these
groups as terrorist organizations, and to pursue the criminal elements of these
organizations in the same manner and with the same fervor used to protect the United
States from other manifestations of terrorism; and be it further
RESOLVED, that suitable copies of this resolution be delivered to the President of the
United States, all members of the United States Senate, all members of the United States
House of Representatives, the Governor of Maryland, and all members of the Maryland
General Assembly.
Havre de Grace United Methodist Church
Adopted by Church Council September 25, 2017